Our Approach

Our holistic approach to voter contact is centered on data-driven values and metrics that we have ascertained from analysis and experiments that we have run and from our years of combined program experience.

Overall, we always recommend having comprehensive motivational programming as the most effective path to increasing support for candidates. Our programming has four pillars to success:

Start Early

Starting a program early can kickstart or supplement future programs as you build up your campaign while navigating on-the-ground politics and personalities.

Multimodal Program

Smart programming is taking a coordinated, holistic approach to reaching voters by utilizing multiple modes of contact and continually analyzing the results over the course of the program.

Analyzing & Tailoring

Constantly analyzing and tailoring the program to best fit the political climate and the communities is a major part of CompMo programs.


While ensuring the quality of the program, we also stay authentic to the communities where we work building program from within our targeted communities.